Red Hand of Doom Materials

Warning: Contains Spoilers!
If you are a player in a Red Hand of Doom game, you should stop reading here.

Update (11.04.2017): I've pretty much abandoned this blog (again) and I don't see myself reviving it anytime soon. In addition, I've lost a considerable amount of data when a backup-drive died on me (including the Pathfinder conversion files), which only adds to my disinterest in continuing the Red Hand of Doom section. I am very sorry if anyone was still waiting for an upgrade, but that's how it is at the moment.


  1. Red Hand of Doom GM Screen Additions
  2. Red Hand of Doom Maps
  3. Pathfinder Conversion (in progress)
    1. Chapter 1: Witchwood available

1. Red Hand of Doom - Pathfinder GM Screen Addons

I am a huge sucker for good GM screens. Having relevant information at hand keeps your game flowing, especially in rules-heavy systems like Pathfinder (or most d20 games, for that matter). Since RHoD covers about 6-7 levels of character advancement, and involves a variety of challenges, you might think about preparing your GM screen with a few custom panels.

The official Pathfinder GM Screen, which I find lacking quite a bit, covers RHoD about halfway through. You get Diplomacy, Knowledges, Perception, and Survival with sufficient detail. You also get the XP and treasure tables, which are handy for ad-hoc encounters. What you don't get are tables for movement, distances, or terrain, common actions in a round, and for some weird reason the Stealth skill - all of which you really want to have when running RHoD. Also, a custom table to track Victory Points and the overall timeline would be quite helpful, especially if your players do something unexpected.

The following links provide a 2-page PDF containing all the missing rules listed above (and then some), or just the RHoD timeline and Victory Points. If printed, you can cut out the parts you like and attach them individually to your GM Screen, covering the parts you don't need very often (if at all). To save space, I also included a smaller, combined XP and treasure table.

  • Red Hand of Doom - GM Screen Additions (all) (Link 1 - Link 2)
  • Red Hand of Doom - Timeline and Victory Points (Link 1 - Link 2)

3. Red Hand of Doom - Maps

Elsir Vale

I was unsatisfied with the original map of Elsir Vale, primarily because it's not available in high resolution, so I created my own. There are two version, for the GM and for the players. Further below you can find variant maps for playing RHoD in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. There are a few minor deviations, also one new custom settlement (at the far south-west) but none of those prevent you from playing RHoD as detailed in the adventure itself, in fact they should make your job even easier :)

Elsir Vale GM Version (original RHoD names and labels)

Elsir Vale Player Version (Vraath Keep, Ghostlord's Lair and Fane of Tiamat removed)

Cannath Vale GM Version (Names and labels from the 3.0 FRCS and 3.5 Shining South)

Cannath Vale Player Version (Vraath Keep, Ghostlord's Lair and Fane of Tiamat removed)

Experimental: Elsir Vale, Old Style (Player version)   (Link 1 - Link 2)
This is an experimental version for those who prefer an old-school look for handouts. A few landmarks are missing, but nothing important to the adventure. There is no map key and no compass, so players can't gauge distances as easy as with the other version (yay for exploration!).

The Witchwood

Like Elsir Vale, the original Witchwood map is available in low resolution only. That might not be such a huge problem at all since it's intended for the GM, but just in case someone wants to have a nice printout here is my own variant of the Witchwood.

The Witchwood - GM only (all locations and encounters) (Link 1 - Link 2)


The original map of Brindol is probably my least favorite of them all, since it is way too small for the number of people supposed to live there and because it lacks, well, buildings. So I made Brindol a 'proper' city with old quarters and new quarters and a street layout that doesn't look quite as artificial. In addition, I made up some street names to create some mood and make communication during the battle in chapter 4 a bit easier.

For you convenience, Brindol comes in four versions, with and without labels or names.

Brindol - No labels

Brindol - With markers

Brindol - With street names

Brindol - With labels and street names


Rethmar is the Forgotten Realms equivalent of Brindol, but apart from a few changed nameds everything stays the same.

Rethmar - No labels

Rethmar - With markers

Rethmar - With street names

Rethmar -With labels and street names

Vraath Keep

Vraat Keep has become a bit bigger and also less rectangular. The tower now has an additional level, since no proper tower should have less than three levels to explore. Contrary to RHoD's descriptions I added a few torches, since I figured just because someone has darkvision doesn't mean he wants to sit in a dark room all day long. None of the lights are visible from outside the keep, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Vraath Keep - No labels (player version)

Vraath Keep - With Labels (GM version)


  1. This is really great. I'm converting to Pathfinder to run RHoD in Greyhawk and your work is a great starting point.

    One suggestion though: There's a little space on your DM screen printout; it would be helpful to have the terrain and overland movement table as well. A lot of times, the players will be traveling over areas that are not good level roads so seeing whether they are moving 3/4, 1/2, or 1/4 overland could be very helpful.

    1. Hm, I think you're right - I will get on that!
      An updated version of Chapter 1 will come together with Chapter 2 in the next few days, if you have any other feedback I'd appreciate it :)
      I saw your post on GiantitP, I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Some comments on the conversion:
    I like the conversion in general and prefer it to the other, more basic one that I was able to find online.

    I like the use of Samurai for the bladebearer and I agree with passing on the mount since the Red Hand is heavily infantry flavored. (It's a shame samurai can't use the standardbearer archetype). However, he should have Resolve in his statblock. Also I think he's missing his +2 Dex for being a hobgoblin. I'm not sure why he's Sam 4--the original is CR 4 and you've given most of the other monsters a class level due to the different way Pathfinder handles CR. At Sam 5, he could pick up Weapon Specialization: Shortsword (if you assume that he can use Weapon Expertise for shortsword in place of Wakizashi) and would get another use of Resolve.

    The Red Hand Troopers have Escape Route as a feat--I'd give them Shield Wall instead. The extra AC would be pretty handy and I don't generally find it difficult for my monsters to maneuver into flanking positions without feats--especially outdoors when they outnumber the PCs.

    For the Sergeant, I'd recommend replacing the Warrior 5 with Cavalier 4 (Standardbearer and Strategist archetypes). For the same CR you get a monster who has some actual leadership abilities. Between Banner, Tactician, and Drill Instructor, the sergeant can actually make his followers more deadly. (Recommended teamwork feats for handout: Outflank (attainable by retraining the bonus feat at level 4), Precise Strike, Distracting Charge, or Volley Fire for an archer sergeant (who should probably have the luring cavalier archetype rather than standardbearer))

    Red Hand Veterans at the bridge. I'd consider trading their power attack+furious focus feat for volley fire and rapid shot and giving them bucklers to up their AC if they are forced into melee. Volley fire with rapid shot will make them +8/+8 with their bows after the first round and will be a big improvement in their offensive ability.

  3. This is great. Are you still working on the other chapters?

    1. Hey there! I know I'm late with the reply but yes, the other chapters are still in developement, as is the revision of the first chapter I put online above. There are just a few kinks that need ironing out, the major work is all done. I hope for a release before the end of July.

  4. Is there any chance of you releasing the rest by early next year? :)

    1. A chance? Definitely... most of the work is done and needs just some refinement to make it readable, and I had planned to do that a long time ago. I will put it on top of my working folder and maybe, just maybe... :)

  5. I love what you've done with the maps! I'll certainly be using them in my own upcoming RHoD game.

    One question, though, I notice the numbers on the labeled Brindol map don't correspond to the ones given in the book. Before I go writing my own, do you have a list you were working off of when you made the map?

    1. Hey there!
      IIRC I made uo my own list as I went along, but I'm 90% sure that I didn't really write it down as such. Which, in hindsight, is obviously not the best idea I ever had. I can offer you to go through my notes to be sure, but I guess writing your own list is both faster and more useable in the end. Very sorry about that.

    2. No worries, thank you again for the beautiful maps!

  6. Hey Arne!

    Thank you for your work here.
    I am about to run a pathfinder conversion of RHoD and you have been of great aid.
    Your maps are also beautiful.

    Any chance of the subsequent chapters coming out?

    1. Hey Quill,

      Sadly, I still haven't found the time or energy to finish my current drafts. But since you are the 6th or so person to ask me this, I'll try and get at least the stuff the the 2nd chapter ready - which wouldn't even take long, I just have to get to it.

      Just shout at me if I haven't posted anything here or on the Red Hand of Doom DM Handbook thread on Giant in the Playground within the next 2 weeks.

    2. :)

      Unless you use a different user name on the forum, I don't think you have posted there recently.

      This is a shout, as you requested, though I certainly don't want to impose!

      Your first chapter has been a great help. Thanks!

  7. Is chapter two on the Horizon Arne?

  8. Is there any update?
    I've been waiting for next chapter since early 2015...;(

  9. Great work!! Thanks! Sadly, the links about the GM Screen and about th VP timeline are broken, can you please upload them again? Thanks again!

    1. Way too late, but still: 4shared is indeed gone, but 2shared download still works :)

  10. He doesn't seem to watch the comment section much, but I have copies of those documents.
    Here you go:

    1. Thanks a bunch for helping the other guy out!

  11. So if anyone is still reading this, I am sorry to report that I've abandoned the Red Hand of Doom section, mostly because I've lost a bunch of files when a backup drive crashed on me. I am sorry of anyone was still waiting for an update, and this really sucks (especially because I was almost finished... gnarr!), but that's it for me. At least, for the foreseeable future. Again, sorry guys!

    1. Links for GM Screen addons are broken, could somebody share them?

    2. Here you go Miguel: